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Four articles were published In FoxTalk.

  • Two articles were published in the december 2001 issue. The titles: Introduction to the Condes Address Model and A Compact Cursor - Ideal for Displaying Multiple Addresses.

    Die zwei Artikeln sind in der März 2003 auch publiziert in der Deutsche Sprache beim Foxpro User Group dFPUG (jedoch, man benötigt ein Userid und Stichwort).

  • The article Create Enduring Variables in FoxPro introduced a special class of variables. These variables have a typical feature: 'endurance'.

  • In an  article about Derivative Data I introduce a method to deal with derivative data. Reading of this article requires that you have installed Acrobat Reader. If that's not yet the case, then you can download this plugin here. Do you already have Acrobat Reader? Click here for the article: A Case for Derivative Data.

  • The originally Dutch article Activating the Refresh has been translated into English. It tries to explain how the Refresh methods and Activate events can best be used.

In het Nederlandse SDGN-magazine zijn drie artikelen gepubliceerd.

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